About our Club

2020/21 Board

President Graeme Johns
Vice President Peter Deane
Secretary Angelo Carlotto
Treasurer Jane Flood

Membership: Ian Yarker

Minute Secretary: Pam Johns

Project Services: Jane Loxton

Foundation Chair: Geoff Baldwin

Youth Programs: Narelle Eather

2020/21 Club Roles

International Projects: Geoff, Tara & Ian

Web & Communications: Tara Little

Rotary Information: Peter Deane & Peter Old

Public Officer: Angelo Carlotto

ARH: Margaret Davie

KIVA: Sheryl Carlotto

R.A.M:  Joan Hiscock

Malaria Vaccine 9640: Joan Hiscock

RFDS Ambassador: Geoff Baldwin

Knitting Group: Heather & Ian Yarker + club beanie members

Days for Girls: Midori, Tara, Heather, Ian & members

Tag Along Tours: Angelo, Graeme & Ian

Foodie Tours: Tara Little

Koala Immunisation: Jane Loxton

Bunnings (Barbecue): Heather & Ian

Donations: Heather Yarker

Care for Life: Geoff Baldwin

Member Welfare: Graeme & Heather

IT Consultant: Peter Saville

The Rotary e-Club of NextGen was chartered on the 1st of June 2012 and we have had an amazing few years since then.

A key mission of NextGen is to support members in pursuing interests and projects that are meaningful to them. We welcome anyone with a passion and an interest in changing the world for the better. In the past, this has lead to strong relationships with:

  • Days for Girls, Gold Coast;
  • Australian Rotary Health;
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service;
  • Birdsville Races;
  • Port Hedland Seafarer’s Centre;
  • Remote communities in central Australia;
  • Ian Loxton Pancreatic Cancer Foundation;
  • and more.
  • Vocational Training Team Global Grant;
  • Helping GC Kids;
  • KIVA;
  • Umoja (Kenya);
  • Aussies Lending a Hand in Liberia
  • Rotary Malaria Vaccine Project
  • James Jacob Fellowship;

Thanks to our online format, we have boasted members from all over the world including Japan, Germany, the USA, and Dubai. Whilst this sometimes means our members have to be extra committed to make our meetings due to time differences, it also means we have a wider community than any traditional club could boast and the people and projects we can support are vast.

We also far surpass Rotary International goals with regards to membership and representation of female and younger members.

For more information about our Club, please contact us or visit our Facebook page.

Club Charter certificate

Australian Rotary Health Award

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